Our Approach

Firmitas strive to act differently to their competition; to be more client focused, to be forward thinking problem solvers and deliver a product that is far superior than their competitors. The philosophy at Firmitas is shared by its employees, who are carefully selected based upon their expertise, attitude and integrity. The employee incentive structure ensures each member of staff is rewarded based on the client satisfaction as well as quality of delivery.

Quality Management

The shared aspiration amongst the Clients of Firmitas, is their desire for an exceptional level of finish and this is the most common reason for referral. In addition to in-house management, Firmitas has an established supply chain of highly skilled trades, craftsmen and suppliers who share the same ethos and values. The approach to quality is meticulous and extends to a bespoke stage sign-off system ensuring that each portion of work is defect free as it progresses to the next stage.